Message in the Bottle, 2014
installation, object, 8 black and white photographs, 300 x 400 mm

The installation consists of a whole series of eight monochrome photos and a working shovel. The exhibition project was based on the diary notes and free associations connected with a visit of the National Library in Luxembourg.

It is the 28th of September, St. Wenceslas Day. While visiting the National Library in Luxembourg,
I typed the sentence “What if money was no object?” which was taken from an essay by Alan Watts, into the computer, expecting his book to appear. However, the system found quite a different one: Treasure Island. This classic book, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, became a conceptual point of departure for me and gave me a clear idea of what to do next.
"I want to bury a treasure here, " I said to myself.

I went to the mall and bought a swing top bottle. I underlined particular letters in Stevenson’s book to make the sentence: “What if money was no object?“ I scanned this page and put that scanned page with a new sentence in the bottle. Then I found a perfect place close to the Abbaye de Neumünster and buried it in the ground. I made a cross on a little map of Luxembourg, indicating the treasure’s location. Afterwards, I put this map in the book on page 248 (the chapter where the main characters found the treasure). I erased the lines under each word and returned it to the library, so that future readers may find the instructions that lead them to the buried treasure.