Crausius morosus, 2015

Carausius morosus also known as Indian stick insect is greenish-brown in colour. All the activities of a stick insect take place at night in the dark between the ground cover of shrubs and on tree branches. The moment of the stick insect in the salon environment of a photo studio with a dark fabric and a motionlessly lying body was stimulated by the dimness of the space and the red light. The stick insect’s journey is recorded by static shots of the Carausius morosus video. The topics that of the video are torridly current as well as completely universal: the current global phenomenon of migration and cultural discrepancies, questions of ethnic, gender as well as universally biological differences. The vegetarian stick insect, being of the female gender reproducing in a parthenogenetic way, not requiring the male element, endowed with perfect mimicry, is in this sense the bearer of ambivalent, yet relatively clear significance.

link to a video here: Carausius morosus
(05:08 min.)