The Spirit of a Plan and a Flower Stand, 2012
(with Markéta Vutru)
gelatin silver print, 290 x 230 mm
Electricity Company, Prague, 2012

A photograph made with Markéta Vutru in response to the Electricity Company building in Prague.

Markéta drew a simplified floor plan of the Ticket Hall with black acrylic paint on white canvas. The plan doesn't contain any useful information and reduces the floor plan to an abstract construction whose practical function has been replaced by the aesthetic one. Next to this painting, Dominik placed a white multi-story flower stand. He left it unused, as purposeless as Markéta's floor plan. In the context described, this piece of furniture functions as an object stepping out of the field of design and into the field of sculpture. The international emptiness and lack of function of both artefacts accentuate the present situation of the exhibition space - a functionalist colossus which underwent a radical change of use: from a modern technical palace to a hibernating historical monument.

Tereza Jindrová, 2012