A Sceleton comes to the academy, 2011
(with Tomáš Hrůza, Roman Štětina)
installation, 20 black and white photographs, drawings,
GAVU Gallery, Prague, 2011

The exhibition consisted of three deep probes into the past and present of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The first part of the exhibition included a series of 20 photographs. The large-format photographs showed the studios with the students' graduation artworks made during the previous year. The second part consisted of a showcase of found objects from the garden of the Academy. All items were dug up with the help of metal detectors. The exhibition was concluded by two student drawings from 1801. They rank among the earliest works found in the Academy's archive. The drawings depict Pallas Athena and each has a different author. Following the closing of the exhibition, the found objects were buried back in the garden as a legacy for future diggers.